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New Mexico Chile Association


The New Mexico Chile Certification Program is Here!
Consumers can find information on certified products, growers, retailers, restaurants and others that use New Mexico Certified Chile at:

Click on the logo below for guidelines and applications. 

Who we are:

The New Mexico Chile Association is a non-profit organization composed of growers and producers who are fighting to ensure the chile industry remains and prospers in New Mexico.

Why is New Mexico Chile So Good?

·        In the southern part of the state where much of the chile is grown, the sun shines 350 days a year!

·        Chile craves warm, dry weather and warm soil.  We can deliver!

·        Varieties are chosen with the New Mexico climate, soils and agricultural practices in mind.


What Chile Means to New Mexico   Blessed_Truck.jpg      

·       What oranges and potatoes are to Florida and Idaho, chile is to New Mexico!

·        Chile is so important to New Mexico, our state question is: Red or Green?

·        Chile is consumed by many at every meal!

·        Chile is celebrated at festivals all over the state!

·        Chile contributes significantly to the state's economy!

·       Our unique chile inspired cuisine is a major reason why thousands of tourists visit the state each year!

What is Happening to NM Chile?

·       Industry is in a steep decline

·         34,500 Acres were harvested in 1992, only 9,600 were harvested in 2012

·         China is trying to corner the world oleoresin market which accounts for 30% of NM acreage

·         Foreign companies are taking advantage of their reduced regulation and cheap, plentiful labor

·         Imports account for about 82% of chile consumed in the U.S. – automation is the only solution

·         Sometimes chile is sold labeled as “Hatch” or “NM Grown” when it comes from outside NM or even the U.S.


Be Safe - Always cook your frozen chile to 165 degrees and always follow recommended cooking instructions! Click Here for more information on safe handling.

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New Mexico Chile Association

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